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Thursday, May 19, 2005

the's killing me.....

the last few days, actually ever since rock-n-romp, nate has taken up singing and dancing. it is unbelievably precious and adorable, the way that all things 14-month-olds do that don't involve puke or poop or snot or shrieking or crying are adorable. but what makes this over-the-top adorable is the fact that he has done it all on his own. no prompting from me or dave, he just decided that he digs the music! oh, and the drums! we dragged out jack's kit for the romp and nate has been bashing ever since. i think we may have our prodigy here, folks. right now he is sitting in his crib "singing" along with his music box thingie he listens to when it's night-night time. sure, all he's saying is, "ha ha ha ha ha ha ha," but there's a melody in there! changes in pitch and phrasing, even!

when jack was wee we bought all kinds of instruments and encouraged him to go crazy -- his favorite was rocking out and "playing" guitar to andrew w.k. he even had some awesome dance moves to go with it! but then he started school and began to show more interest in kid things like sports and dinosaurs and ninja turtles -- the rock kinda fell by the wayside. he still picks up the guitar every once in a while, but given a choice, he'd rather pretend he's spiderman. as for nate, i feel bad because i just haven't thought about it as much. we play music for him and sing and all that, but we really haven't tried to get him into instruments the way we did with jack. so imagine my surprise now that he's picked it up on his own! he's really quite talented. heh. for 14-months-old?? he's fucking awesome.

some parents want their kids to be doctors or lawyers? what does it say about me that i'd rather have a rockstar??


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