it beats the hell out of doing laundry

Thursday, September 14, 2006

so! ummm, yeah....

long time no blog! you know, i'm not even sure why i'm writing this. i guess because just letting the blog slip away without saying goodbye is too "unfinished business" for me. nobody likes unfinished business. so yes, that's right, i'm ready to call it quits here in blogland. life is just too busy for me to play around here anymore, and that suits me just fine. the bummer is that i barely have time to check out all your wonderful blogs anymore, either! i promise to still check in and comment when i get the chance, though. i really do like you all. very much, actually, which is probably the main reason i've stuck around this blog-thing for so long. i still may get it together enough to start a craft blog someday soon, but i'm making no promises. holy hell, this is rambly. sorry. i'm actually pretty sick -- sinus infection-type thing -- and feeling miserable. ugh. but at least i get to sit down long enough to write this final post.

so thanks for being my blog friends, peeps. hey, i still want to get a blogger's retreat going with some of you ladiez -- maybe next year? i guess i'm technically not a blogger anymore, but we'll bend the rules for me. heh. it'll be like blogher, but only with people you actually like and want to hang out with. no classes or panel discussions, just fun and booze and no anxiety! yeah, that would be rad. doesn't that sound rad? let's start talking about it for real! who's in?

that's all i got, folks. thanks for checking in on me and what i'm doing. i'll be around if you want to email me.

xo debbie

Friday, August 25, 2006


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so when jack is eating something good (ie: candy, cookies, anything with massive amounts of sugar) he makes this face. this picture doesn't even capture the rapture (hey! band name! heh.) he's feeling. to be honest, it creeps me out. oh, and makes me laugh, of course.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

the fine art of procrastination

i'm quite skilled in this area, though lately my procrastinatin' ways are bordering on avoidance. i have convinced myself that when jack starts school next week (HALLELUJAH!) that i will get back on track. on the agenda:

  • paint bathroom and buy a new bloody sink (well, not really bloody...)
  • buy a new damned washing machine -- current one has decided it will only wash with cold water
  • finish wholesale order -- almost done, but not quite.... i have learned that agreeing to stitch a complicated design on black shirts is A MISTAKE.... it's way too hard to draw/transfer the design
  • get started on crafty bastards stock
  • organize damned office/craft room so i can do work without feeling CRAZY
  • make a doctor's appointment to figure out what the hell is wrong with me -- so i've been waking up in the middle of the night with ferocious hunger pains. like, gut-wrenching pains. i googled and, considering symptoms like low energy and depression and others that ring a bell, concluded that i may have hypothyroidism. while it's nice to put a name on it, i'm totally freaking out about the possibility that it could really be low thryoid. since i got back from austin i have steadily gained about 5 pounds, which is just enough to make my clothes uncomfortably snug and my gut irritatingly bulge-y. and even though i have been waking up 1-3 times a night with these insane hunger pains, i refuse to eat anything because i don't want to gain any more weight! it seems that a lot of folks with low thyroid tend to put on weight and are unsuccessful with losing it because, in addition to being hungry ALL THE FUCKING TIME, their metabolism slows down. WHAT KIND OF FUCKED UP CONDITION IS THIS?? sigh. so yeah, it might not even be low thryoid, which apparently goes undiagnosed A LOT anyway, but i'm at a loss to figure out what else it could be.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

rough cut

here's a prelim cut of the X dance party video on the pancake mountain site. you can see an awesome close-up of that little rocker natey! so awesome.

if you weren't sure of how much a nerd i am: the whole time we were next to exene and john doe, all i could think was, " dude! she did it with aragorn!" and "dude! he was in road house, one of the best movies EVAR!"

Thursday, August 17, 2006

sweet, sweet shellfish

how i've missed you so!

jack is allergic to shellfish, among other things, so we do our best to stay far away from the tasty critters on our dining out excursions. it's really not so hard for us, but i do have to remind the grandparents to skip their weekly red lobster fest when he's visiting, which he happens to be doing right now. he's with grammy and grampy for a couple of days, and it is doing wonders for my sanity. repeat after me: 10 more days until school starts! YAY!!!

last night we threw caution to the wind -- we don't know if natey's allergic to shellfish or not -- and went to legal seafoods. natey munched away on corn on the cob (his new favorite), cole slaw and rice, while dave and i indulged in oyster po'boys and lobster rolls. oh my god, it was good. really, really good. SIGH.

i know it's silly, but i feel like we're cheating on jack.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

dude, we're right next to john doe!

okay, so this photo is not so great, but still! we're standing next to punk rock icons john doe and exene cervenka! awesome.

we got to bust a move with the legendary band X for a pancake mountain dance party at the 9:30 club today. it got off to a rough start, as we were waiting outside the club for over an hour in the oppressive august heat, but it ended so well, i'm not even going to bitch about that. jack and nate danced their asses off! it was hilarious, and all the girls were in love with them. heh. unfortunately, it was hard to capture the brilliance of their dancing in pictures, but i'll be sure to pimp the pancake mountain dvd when it comes out. the lee boys are sure to be in it, showing off their mad dancing skillz. well worth 15 bucks, i'd say! heyyy, i think i've found the perfect holiday present for friends and family! heh.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

damn you, internet!

you and your infinitely vast pool of resources! you and all your damned information! oh, and i might as well throw google up in there, too. damn you, too, google!

sooooo, i think i have hypothyroidism. 'twould explain a lot. now i have to go to a doctor to find out for sure.