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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

top 10 reasons i'm feeling like a scrooge

  1. we just sent out cards today, and not even all of them!
  2. i actually used mailing labels that were sent to me by some organization looking for donations. god, just thinking about it makes me feel gross.
  3. we used american flag stamps instead of holiday ones because i can't get my shit together enough to go to the post office.
  4. i ended up using a different photo for the cards than the one that i wanted because it was already on a CD, which made it easier to get printed. in my mind it was easier, anyway. oh, and dave had to go get the photos made.
  5. the lights that are supposed to go outside are still in the box on the porch.
  6. i'm really not even thinking about gifts, even though there are several i still need to get.
  7. i sent dave and jack to get the tree. they decorated it, too.
  8. hearing barbra streisand sing "my favorite things" creeps me the fuck out!
  9. even my beloved "a charlie brown christmas" cd isn't making me feel festive.
  10. all i can think about is getting my shit done for the rock-n-shop!



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