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Friday, February 25, 2005

PRESSURE! pushing down on me....

pushing down on you....what? you don't like david bowie and freddie mercury together?? i'm a sucker for that catchy bassline vanilla ice ripped off. and natey bounces around in his highchair like nobody's business when it's on, so i *have* to play it.

so the pressure i'm talking about...this blog kinda freaking me out. only two people have read my introduction, and already i'm feeling performance anxiety! what do i write about next?? but more importantly, i can't decide if i should tell people about this thing. i mean, i hadn't really decided if this was gonna be all diary-stylee, talking about everything going on with me and my days, or just random observations on life, blah blah blah. hmm. guess i'd better figure that shit out. my one goal so far is not to bore the crap out of people. umm, guess i'd better move on, eh? nothing to see here! new, more interesting post to come!

yes, i am neurotic. you'll get used to it.


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