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Friday, May 20, 2005

oh god no

i did not just cry at the most recent episode of lost i tivoed! what the fuck is wrong with me?? it seems too early for the pms, so i just don't know, man. i guess next week's 2-hour season finale is gonna be a bawlfest!

this brings up something that i'd forgotten about regularly watching tv -- the dreaded summer hiatus! shit, i can't remember the last time i was seriously hooked on a show enough to watch it religiously and go through the torturous routine of watching the season finale cliffhanger then have to wait 3 FUCKING MONTHS to see what happens! ugh. maybe this tivo thing isn't so great. oh who am i kidding? of course it is. it's awesome. so awesome that i will be hypothesizing about what the new season will bring for 4 GODDAMN SHOWS. oh wait, make that 5 -- i forgot about that damn queer as folk dave has forced me to become enslaved to. probably more pathetic than getting sucked into the QAF storylines is the fact that the whole time i'm watching it i'm thinking, "wow, half these people aren't even gay!" seriously, what about being straight and being on a show for 4 years where you regularly make out and get naked with someone of the same sex?? i know, it's acting. these people must take their art very seriously, right? but still! watching that goofy little hal sparks (whose only other claim to fame that i know of is providing annoying commentary for VH1's i love the 80s series) smooching on his partner is just too weird. hey! i AM NOT a homophobe! heh. i just prefer realism, and how hard could it be to find a gay cast??

wow, that was rambly and all over the place! sorry. this is what tv does to me! heh. so yeah, it's gonna be a long, rerun-filled summer. whoopee!


Blogger ALVenable said...

Same situation on HBO's Six Feet Under and Oz. The two guys who play the gay couple on SFU, David & Keith (HOT!), are straight. It's funny because they always tend to carefully slide in that point during interviews.

I can't watch Law & Order:SVU without picturing Chris Meloni naked. >:D

7:18 PM


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