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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

curses! foiled again!

so in an attempt to limit the foul language that comes out of my mouth, i've been using hand gestures. well, one hand gesture, in particular. good idea, eh? i thought so, too, until yesterday.

jack: mommy, why do you do that thing sometimes?

me: what thing?

jack: that thing you do to daddy sometimes. you know, this: [he proceeds to flawlessly execute the one finger salute, the middle finger, the bird]

me: [LAUGHING MY ASS OFF for a good minute. words escape me. that tiny finger extended was just too perfect.]

i'm a bad mother, i know. at least i didn't ask him to do it again so i could take a picture, which is what i was really tempted to do. yes, even i have boundaries. very few, but still.


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