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Monday, February 28, 2005

i feel like a dumbass

for not getting hilary swank's autograph when i had the chance! damn it! i guess it was almost 4 years ago and dave and i were in nyc on a trip away from the babe. the trip was first and foremost a work gig for dave, but we extended it to include some relaxation. anyway, we were set up in the very nice le parker meridien, and i was hanging out in the lobby one afternoon waiting for dave to get back from a work thing, when i noticed ms. oscar winner swank milling about. she was dressed very casually -- track pants, big down jacket, those godawful soccer slides you wear with socks --and going around pretty much unnoticed. the first thing that struck me was how short she was! seriously, i think she was like my height, which is 5'3", or maybe a little bit taller. maybe it's because she's kinda lanky, but she always looked tall to me.

so boring story short, i seriously considered asking her for an autograph, because i'd never been 2 feet away from an oscar-winning actor before, but i couldn't bring myself to do it. i dunno, i'm just not that kind of person, y'know? and it's not like i would keep it forever and cherish it or anything. honestly, my first thought was, "how much could i sell it for??" hey, paying for freakin' montessori isn't cheap! heh. and now... NOW she's a 2-time oscar winner! can you imagine what that autograph would go for now?? damn.


Blogger ALVenable said...

Bummer...but I bet you could get Ralph Macchio's autograph. He's probably begging for people to notice him these days. ;) "Hey! Remember me? I was the *first* Karate Kid!"

8:30 PM


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