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Monday, March 28, 2005

i'm such a blogging moron!

so this whole blogging thing is funny to me. let me tell you, i am in no way a computer-savvy person. trying to figure out anything more technologically advanced than a digital alarm clock gives me a headache. i am SO not kidding. while i like to think of it as one of my quirky charms, dave likes to think that it's my way of torturing him and making him deal with anything attached to a plug. heh. but he knows how backward i am when it comes to the digital age! when dave and i met he asked for my email and i wasn't even embarrassed to admit that i didn't have one. i didn't have a computer, either! so my point is, it's funny how i have become part of this blogworld. i feel so out of the loop reading all these other blogs i never would've known about! like, where the hell have i been??

i just got around to figuring out how to add links to my lovely blog. oh my god, i swear html is the devil's work! heh. they're over there to the right. some of them are my friends, and some of them i found through my friends. my OCD dictates that i check these on a regular basis, and i am more than happy to oblige -- these people write some funny, brilliant shit! now i've noticed that some blogs have a really LONG list of links to other blogs, but i'm not ready to commit to so many. as much as i try not to, i find myself becoming emotionally attached to some of these blogs, and it's a little strange. i dunno. these people don't know me from adam, but i sure do enjoy reading what's on their minds. the problem is it makes me want to know them -- like really know them. that's the one thing i haven't been able to resolve about computers -- too impersonal! my one experience with a message board got me organizing ways to meet people face-to-face! that actually turned out swimmingly, and i now have many cool friends because of it, but i'm not so sure other bloggers would necessarily want to hang out with me. not to mention the fact that my favorite blogger could live halfway across the world! *sigh* good thing she lives in baltimore. heh.

now one thing i didn't expect to learn about blogging is how many people are anti-blog. i had an online discussion about it and people were like, "i hate blogs because the people writing them are so self-absorbed." what the fuck? so what?? am i being self-absorbed because i write about things that have to do with me and what i think? fine. if you say so. but i'm certainly not twisting anyone's arm to read about my fabulous life and philosophies, you know?? shit. okay, i've got to let it go... i just fine that attitude surprising. and WRONG. heh.

i am happy i have found the world of blogging. it gives me a space to say what i want, and the time i use to blog is often the only time i have to myself. now i may be hostile sometimes, and i may be silly other times, but i am always being me. i'm writing to share, not to preach or for some ego-boost. you can like it or not. as my dear friend sweetney had to make clear recently: read at your own risk.


ps--please forgive that i'm a horrible editor--some of this was added after originally posted. oh, who am i kidding?? it's not like anyone's reading this self-absorbed crap! heh.


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