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Thursday, March 03, 2005

the no cussing around the kids thing?

it's SO not working. i actually think i'm getting worse, like i've just developed fucking tourette's or something! oh, i've tried to come up with code like saying "eff that!" or "mofo" or calling someone a "bee" instead of bitch, but that's really not working either. and, i'll admit, not much better than saying the words themselves. today jack said, "baby starts with a B, and it's what my mom calls me sometimes, too." now i have to say, i don't remember EVER calling jack a bee (bitch)! maybe i said, "jack, quit acting like a little bee!", or something along those lines. oh my god, i am so going to hell.


Blogger sweetney said...

as a "good enough mother", i'm resigning myself to *not worry about it*, assuming that, well, try as i may, mina's gonna hear those words somewhere. which isn't to say i'm not trying to watch it, to be more careful, etc. but i wouldn't sweat it too much. they're just words, right?

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