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Tuesday, March 01, 2005

2 hours late???

don't those montgomery county fuckers know that getting jack to school at 10:30 is going to be hell because natey will be taking a nap??? bastards.

on a positive note, the trees look quite lovely covered in snow.

so the taking jack to school 2 hours late/natey nap thing didn't work out so well. i woke up today determined to get jack THE HELL OUT OF THIS HOUSE after having him here the last 3 snowdays, but alas, the sanctity of nate's nap schedule prevailed. ugh. still, i'd say having a spastic preschooler around all day vs. dealing with a cranky, bitchy baby who hasn't had a good nap is the lesser of two evils.


Blogger Castor OiL said...

Yeah, this two hour late business SUCKS! I'm glad to see you're blogging bloggily away. We are kimchi deficient...we must fix that!

11:17 AM


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