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Monday, March 07, 2005

operation lose 20 pounds or else!

it's official, kids! today is the first day of my diet. it is a well-known fact that i am totally undisciplined, disorganized and lack willpower -- a perfect diet-failure candidate -- so the fact that i'm even attempting this is pretty miraculous. if i didn't have drawers full of cute clothes that didn't fit, i probably wouldn't bother, so much do i hate the idea of monitoring what i eat. but i hate what this second pregnancy has done to my body more! can you say spare tire?? ugh. and let's not even talk about my boobs! alas, breastfeeding was not kind to them. and what about my ass?? i have to admit, i used to have a pretty cute ass! but now it's, i dunno, different. like flat? or maybe it's just that the rest of me looks different, which makes my ass look different? whatever it is, i don't like it! *shudder* i want to wear my old clothes, not reinvent myself. i think i can do this.

ps--props to tim and jenn who inspired me after i saw how incredible they look after going on the south beach diet.


Blogger sweetney said...

dude, do i ever hear you. i'm all over it.

likewise, this is totally just about me being able to wear all my old clothes again. i felt comfortable in the body that fit into those clothes. plus, i mean, the clothes are pretty cute. and, uhh, expensive...

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