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Monday, April 25, 2005

QUICK! somebody slap me!

last night, while we were lying in bed, dave and i had a little conversation.

"i think i want to have another baby."


"come on, i want another itty-bitty baby!"

"nate is still an itty-bitty baby. NO."

"come on! it would be so cute! maybe a girl!"

"and we'd be living on the street because the cute baby girl would need all new clothes, and tuition for preschool and....NO."

i've gotten it into my head that after having 2 kids, having one more would be a piece of cake. but dave's right -- how would we afford it? how do people afford it?? i mentioned the possibility of having another baby to a friend, and lamented that we would be so poor. he said, "but you'd be rich in love." true dat (says the woman who doesn't bring in a paycheck).

i think more of my friends need to start having babies so i can live vicariously through them.


Blogger ALVenable said...

Or, you can be like my mother who buys life-like baby dolls and makes clothes for them. No, I'm not kidding.

But seriously, she buys them to use as models for the preemie clothes she donates, but it's still creepy.

11:22 AM

Blogger Castor OiL said...

If you continue with this "have another baby" madness you are never allowed to talk to Tara ever again.

Really, the parallell nature of our lives is amazing. We have the same chat only it's. "we could have a cute little boy".

Maybe we could just trade on occasion?

7:40 AM

Blogger debbie said...

heh. we should totally do a baby swap sometime, castor oil! you haven't really lived until you've changed a boy's shitty diaper and had to scrape his balls to make sure you got it all out of the crevices. whee!though i guess a girl's shitty diaper can be pretty horrifying, as well.

9:15 AM

Blogger debbie said...

not the creepy dolls, angel! eek!

9:16 AM

Blogger ALVenable said...

Scraping balls?!?!

Reason #4,509,888,009 why I'm not having kids...

9:51 AM

Blogger debbie said...

hee! well, i wouldn't have to "scrape" so much if his poor doodads didn't shrivel up at the thouch of the cold wipes, thus trapping poop in all the little cracks and crevices! heh, i'm liking this "make angel feel better about not having kids" thing!

i scrape because i love.

9:59 AM

Blogger ALVenable said...

It's working, Debbie. It's working. ;)

8:10 AM


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