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Friday, May 27, 2005

in a funk

haven't felt much like writing lately -- the pmdd's got me down again. but i AM feeling much better with this lovely summer-like weather! now if i just weren't so damn bloated. ugh.

so the washington city paper piece is out, and i sound like a DAMNED FOOL. yikes! how was i supposed to know that my random phone conversation with my friend was going to end up in print?? he didn't say, "this is on the record" or ANYTHING. damn. but funnier than how stupid i sound is the fact that people are gonna see my name with all the DC scenesters and say, "stay-at-home Rock-n-Romp mom? who the fuck is that??" heh.


Blogger mighty said...

yep you said it!!

11:14 AM

Blogger sweetney said...

i'm kind of made a little queasy by how many people i know on that list.

despite living in baltimore, the tentacles of the DC "scene" are still lodged in my nether regions.

11:33 AM

Blogger sweetney said...

ps: hear you on the funk. i say go spend money! (its the only thing that gives me some instant, anyone? well that and the drugs).

11:34 AM

Blogger mighty said...

try going to target on drugs!!

even better!

Jack will have some many star wars toys he won't know what to do...

11:46 AM

Blogger Alex said...

heh... that *totally* sounds like you! And there was nothing foolish about it. Just refreshingly honest, and no Fugazi.

5:57 AM


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