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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

a glimpse into my future

nate woke up from his nap today a bit cranky because his room is so damn hot. i don't know what it is about that room, but even after closing practically all the vents in all the other rooms, it's still steamy! poor little sweaty guy. we went downstairs to rehydrate and he notices jack napping on the couch -- this is not a regular occurrence because GOD FORBID a 4 year old take a nap every day, even though he sorely needs one, but that's another story. anyway, nate's latest attempt at communication is to point with his middle fingers (i SWEAR i am not making this up. he occasionally uses his index finger, but he definitely favors the middle finger. hey, don't look at me. heh.) at whatever catches his eye and grunt: "UH. UHHH. UH..." so he's sitting with me pointing with middle fingers and grunting at jack on the couch, obviously not happy about his brother's totally uncharacteristic stillness and quietness. i guess it's let's mess with jack! time, everyone! heh. i plop nate on the floor and he makes a beeline to the couch where jack's back is facing him. another of nate's favorite pastimes lately is smacking the LIVING SHIT out of us. seriously, he has hit dave and me in the face with the kind of force that hurts LIKE A BITCH and makes us forget that he's a baby so we get really really FUCKING PISSED OFF. but only for a second, of course, because he's smiling that adorable smile the whole time, and how can you stay pissed off when looking at that face? DAMN, that shit hurts, though. anyway, you can see where i'm going with this. nate wants jack to wake up, so uses the only tactic sure to work: smack his back as hard as he can. am i totally evil for thinking this is funny? i only let him do it once, and jack was actually a good sport about it. well, at first, anyway. after enduring repeated nudging and UHing, jack finally turns around, grabs nate's arm and yells, "GET.OUT.OF.MY.FACE!" i laughed my ass off. nate promptly smacked him in the face.

can you just imagine the tween and preteen versions of these two?? i know it sounds crazy, but i'm actually looking forward to those years. heh.


Anonymous supa said...

that is fucking hilarious.

and no, i don't think you're evil for thinking so.

6:42 PM


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