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Thursday, July 21, 2005

feeling funky

not depressed, just not enthusiastic about anything. it doesn't help to find out that jack is having so much damn fun at grammy's he doesn't want to come home! little brat! yeah, i started missing him a couple of days ago so tried to get him to come home early. he wasn't having it, what with all the sweets and bike-riding and movie-going and chuck e. cheese and baseball games and undivided attention, etc. yes, i just said chuck e. cheese. UGH.

what else has been happening? well, my sister is bringing jack home friday night so we can get up bright and early to hit six flags saturday. woo-fucking-hoo, i know. but jack will have a blast and natey probably will, too. and it's like less than half an hour from here, so what have we got to lose? the only problem i'm foreseeing is the water park area and the having to don a swimsuit-type garment. holy flabby mother-of-two batman, that's not gonna be a pretty sight! heh. fuck it. do i really care about what six flags people think?? heh.

one more bit of news that's kind of exciting: my friend bill, who used to be in jawbox and burning airlines (read this link--it makes me laugh because i was just saying to dave that bill reminded me of tom cruise! pre-dumbfuck, treat your post-partum depression with vitamins tom cruise, of course. heh.), is coming out of rock retirement with his band the blames to play the next Rock-n-Romp! pretty fucking cool! plus, shudder to think's original drummer, mike, is in the band. dude, i saw him play like a gazillion times back in the day! i am very excited about this. oh, and i get to sing. don't be scared -- i'm not that bad! heh. we're doing kid-oriented songs, so i can't really fuck up too badly. just in case, though, we're calling ourselves blame it on debbie lee.

so yeah, that's what's been happening over here.


Blogger ALVenable said...

Dammit! I'll be in Nashville that weekend. (For work, I sure as hell wouldn't go there on my own!) Someone record Debbie's return to the stage!! :)

3:23 PM

Blogger Alex said...

Break a leg!

5:41 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

i am sure you'll do just fine in your bathing suit. sorry if this creeps you out.

3:43 PM


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