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Thursday, August 04, 2005

so i'm a little slow

but i'm still learning to navigate my way around this blogosphere! better late than never, i say. anyway, i just found this blog, which is probably going to become my favorite. YAY FOR SHOPPING!


Anonymous Editrix said...

Hey Debbie . . . it's Amy (of Doug and Amy fame). I discovered your blog yesterday via Tracey's, and was totally psyched to read the Lee clan's doings, see photos of Jack and Nate -- both unbearably cute. It made me miss all the Rock-n-Rompers and DC folks way too much, though. We gotta get down there once Doug's schedule permits (maybe once the summer weather abates).

And I totally love Mighty Goods, even though I've only actually bought a couple of the items the supercool Maggie touts. Heck, I save a bunch of the entries that come through my RSS reader just to drool over the photos now and then!

10:04 AM

Blogger debbie said...

AMY! oh my god! i'm so glad to hear from you! how totally crazy that you found my blog! okay, enough exclamation points. heh.

i'd love to hear about how you and doug are doing -- the gang's always asking if we've heard what ya'll are up to. send me your email! xo!

6:31 PM


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