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Friday, November 18, 2005

i know it's just a kid's birthday party

but "RSVP" means RSVP, motherfuckers! ugh. i'm worried that the three i haven't heard from are gonna show up, after i've only made enough favors for those i'm expecting. yes, i said made. i'm an idiot....guess i'd better make three more. fuckers!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

what are the favors?

2:50 PM

Blogger DeeJay said...

All parents who bring their child to a RSVP party without sending back the RSVP get a free smack on the back of the head by the hostess. A little disclaimer that should be put on the bottom of all party invitations.

We had RSVP for our wedding reception. We paid $15 per plate for a meal to serve our guests. What agrivated me were the people who said they would be there and then didn't show. Up until Thursday, I could have gotten a refund for any guests that decided not to come as long as I told the caterers by Thursday. I thought, I really could have used that money on something fun, instead I had about 10 people not show. That's a lot of money for me!! OY

7:57 AM


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