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Wednesday, March 30, 2005

color me surprised!

i get home after a long day of theme-parking and find an email from the medications saying that they "are definitely into participating" in my little concert series! for those who might not know who they are, they're the same members of the defunct dischord band faraquet. anyway, on a whim i invited them to play Rock-n-Romp this summer, not really expecting to hear back from a band on a famous record label that just got finished TOURING JAPAN. but i've been getting some flakiness from bands this year, so thought 'what the hell?' what the hell, indeed! while i think it will be totally awesome if they are able to play, i'm not going to hold my breath. i've learned from past experience that, while their intentions are good in wanting to play, big names always have something bigger going on. but i am happy to know that there are somewhat famous musicians who think the idea of playing Rock-n-Romp is great, and take the time to say so. so now i will wait and hope it works out. maybe they can play with eyeball skeleton! hee!

ps--greg, are you reading this?? thanks for the suggestion.


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