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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

i'm not alone!

i've been putting off writing something about my latest obsession because, well, it's a little embarrassing. okay, i'll just say it: i am addicted to gilmore girls. before tivo, i'd seen a few episodes and enjoyed them, but never had the chance to watch it regularly. shit, before tivo i never got to watch anything regularly. but now! now, tivo, my enabler, has allowed me to watch all the gilmore girls i can stand! and, believe me, that's a LOT! first, i get to watch the current season's episodes, tuesdays at 8 on the WB. then i get to watch the reruns (shown in chronological order), daily at 5 on ABC family channel. THEN, ABC family channel has 3-episode marathons, saturdays at 7! yes, i watch them all. unless i'm going out, i tend to watch the marathons in realtime. dave really loves that. heh. now the fact that all of these episodes are from different seasons is of no importance to me. i like seeing what happened in the 3rd season that now causes tension between certain characters in the 5th season! old boyfriends and fiances, business ventures, family strife, graduations, weddings, babies -- i want to see it all! i just recently watched the episodes guest starring grant lee phillips as a wandering troubadour -- i believe from the first or second season. i may be a dork, but i think this is cool! actually, most all of the music featured on the show is cool. i guess that's part of the reason i like it, but it's still a little embarrassing to admit i'm addicted to a WB show. isn't the WB for freakin' teenagers?? fans of dawson's creek and that superman-when-he-was-a-teenager show??

just when i'm feeling hopelessly dorky, in comes the fab BUST magazine to make me feel like less of a dork. in the current issue, wendy mcclure waxes poetic on what she feels gilmore girls is really all about:

" that the show's in its fifth season, I'm convinced that Gilmore Girls is really all about what goes on in our own heads. Our heads -- us Women Who Know Too Much About Too Many Things, from Advanced Placement English to the lineups of obscure New Wave bands."

yes! YES! that is it, exactly! all the pop-culture references, rock trivia, random guest appearances by sebastian bach, norman mailer and the shins! these are things that DO pop into my head! and the characters are all goofy and neurotic -- just like me! ah, sweet validation. thank you, wendy.

so the rest of the article is pretty damn funny, but maybe only if you watch gilmore girls? actually, no. i think if you haven't watched the show, this article just might pique your interest. go get BUST! then we can call each other when the show is on and analyze every scene! heh.

if it helps me look any less dorky, you should know i'm also addicted to the west wing! that's not something to be embarrassed about, right??


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