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Thursday, March 10, 2005

mother's little helper

who knew mick jagger had a clue?? it IS a drag getting old! now i haven't resorted to any little yellow pills, but i'm not opposed to the idea! heh. okay, if you don't know the song i'm talking about, well, you're too young. nyah!

last night i committed the ultimate act of old ladyhood. i was supposed to meet my friend kim at her house to go see maritime's show at the black cat. i was looking forward to seeing maritime play, as well as see kim, because we hadn't hung out in a while. well, after dinner it all went downhill. kids were in bed and i was vegging out on the couch until it was time to go. the damn couchtime was my undoing! i started to feel lazy and pms-y and in no mood to hang out in a smoky little room for a coupla hours. i knew it was a totally lame move, but i decided i didn't want to go. thankfully kim was all too understanding. i called her, "hey kim, i know i'm totally lame, but i'm not gonna make it tonight. i'm in pms mode and it's so fucking cold outside!" "aw, it's cool. believe me, if i didn't have to be there i wouldn't go either. is IS cold! now i'm trying to decide what jacket i should wear, because it's going to smell like cigarettes." "ha! oh god, i HATE that!" "i know! god, we're getting old." etc. etc.

i like to think i'm the cool mom who can still "hang" with my single and/or childless friends. i'd even say that of all the mom friends i have, i go out more than any of them. i have to! i miss seeing people, and i'm not ready to sacrifice that part of my life. it is MY time to do what I want. i need that. i've definitely gone through phases where i like to stay home and be a couch potato, but the majority of my life i have been the kind of person who likes to be on the move. go go go! heh. i wish i'd felt like go-go-going last night, but maybe the need to keep moving is waning.

yeah, feeling old today. but i truly believe that i enjoyed my beloved west wing more than i would've liked standing in a smoky room watching a band play. sorry, maritime. maybe next time.


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