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Monday, March 07, 2005

today it's wonder twins

shape of an obsessive-compulsive 4 year old!

who knows what it'll be tomorrow. jack has developed this habit of talking about halloween costumes, oh, every freakin' day! he's been enjoying a bunch of old-school Superfriends episodes i tivoed for him, so today it was, "for halloween this year we can be the wonder twins, mommy. you be the girl and i'll be the boy." "okay, but i think i want to be the boy and you be the girl." "no way!", followed by maniacal laughter. god, i do love his laugh. i have to remind him that halloween is a long way away, so i think that encourages him to think of as many costumes as he can. dude, let it go! i'm sure once october rolls around he'll be back to the standard power ranger or spiderman, UNLESS i can convince him to wear the costume i've been dreaming of: dave dressed like mr. rourke and jack dressed like tattoo! now you know that would be fucking funny! heh.

i think that clingy wonder twin get-up is good inspiration for the diet, eh?


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