it beats the hell out of doing laundry

Thursday, April 07, 2005

how scatterbrained do you have to be

to lose your glasses between getting in the car and leaving target and coming home?? i am losing my mind!

in other news today, i am very excited about this local "school of rock"! jack is going to be so thrilled -- the movie School of Rock is his favorite. he's even started reciting dialogue! yes, we have spawned that kind of nerd. heh. i think i'm gonna try to get one of the kid bands to play Rock-n-Romp.

also, i have entered a new parenting phase where i have to make sure i check jack's pockets before i wash his pants. you never really know how nice it is when young kids have no use for pockets, or even notice them, until you have an incident. this one wasn't so bad, but melted, then hardened, green crayon is impossible to get out. i wonder if he'll pull any dennis the menace-style stunts with slugs or worms in his pockets??


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