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Tuesday, April 05, 2005

so, speaking of homophobes....

today i had another encounter with some obnoxious kids on the way home from jack's school. i'm thinking they're in middle school or early high school. they're 3 pretty normal-looking white boys with shaggy hair, oversized t-shirts, stylish tennis shoes. they're kinda geeky. they probably like limp bizkit. you know the type. their bus drops them off on the road i travel home, which is a well-travelled road at all times of the day. huh. i don't even know how to begin. let me start by chronicling the 3 encounters i've had with them thus far, so we can put this into perspective:

1st encounter, late fall: i drive past to see one of the boys bent over with another simulating anal penetration behind him. oh, and he's smacking the bent-over kid's ass and making grotesque faces which i assume are supposed to look orgasmic.

2nd encounter, winter, after it's snowed: i drive past to see the boys standing in front of a stone wall in front of a house. they have made penis-shaped snow sculptures on the wall and are "jerking them off" and pretending to lick them.

3rd encounter, today: i drive past to see one boy with his back to the road and another in front of him on his knees simulating oral sex.

am i wrong for being creeped out and angry about this?? i was really tempted to pull over and say something, but what? these kids are obviously shitheads -- i doubt anything i could say would register. but this is an obnoxiousness that transcends any other i've personally encountered! i don't know what to make of it, really. any of you men, help me out here. would it be funny (back when you were 14ish) to pretend to fuck another guy? or give him a blowjob?? i know it's mostly about the reaction you would get from those passing by, but i'm not so sure this is homophobia. maybe curiosity disguised as homophobia? *shudder* i know 14 year old boys are still immature about things like sex, but these encounters really bother me!

ooh! here's a challenge for you: supply me with something good i can shout out the car window at the little assholes to scare them and i'll buy you a beer! heh.


Blogger mighty said...

Please yell,
'That's hawt!' (imitating Paris Hilton)


Throw out your window in their general direction a box of Trojan Condoms.


purchase a set of matching dog leashes and collars. And hope that they will use them in their repetoire.

8:43 AM


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