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Thursday, April 28, 2005


feeling meh and not so much like writing, but there are a few things that have been rambling through my head:

1. why do all new cars have stupid fucking names? i think american and japanese car manufacturers should just go the way of the much classier europeans and give cars model numbers and/or letters. unless they're gonna be ballsy and call the new ford pickup The Asskicker or something equally awesome. heh.

2. why does my 24 hour allergy medicine wear off at around hour 12?? i'd totally take another dose if i weren't such a pussy about not heeding the directions on the box: "DO NOT TAKE MORE THAN ONE DOSE IN A 24 HOUR PERIOD." hmph! yeah, and i toss all food and medicine that's more than one day over the expiration date, too. paranoid dork.

3. why does the smell of roads freshly paved with tar make me flashback to my days as a bus patrol in the 5th grade? yep, the smell of tar and anytime i hear "funkytown".

4. why is natey cutting down to one nap a day kicking my ass?? it's all fucked up -- he's usually yawning and rubbing his eyes by 9 (after getting up at around 7), but when he takes a nap at 9, it's next to impossible getting him to take a second nap, even though he sorely needs it. so i try to keep him up til 11ish, which has worked out okay, but i guess i've gotten used to having a few hours in the morning to relax a little, rather than entertain and keep him out of trouble, so i've been ridiculously tired by 9pm. plus, one long nap (2-3 hours) in the middle of the day seriously hinders my ability to go anywhere to do anything! and then it's time to pick up jack from school, and taking the two of them anywhere that doesn't involve swings or ice cream or fun just isn't worth the aggravation. SIGH.

5. i'm sick of the rain on the weekend bullshit! don't the weather gods know that saturday and sunday are the only days that anything will get done in our jungle of a yard?! and we desperately need to clean out the garage, which would involve taking everything out and putting it in the uncovered driveway.

blah-de-blah. meh.


Anonymous SODAJERK said...

every friday at work,about 30 minutes before i am due to leave,the sky darkens and the storm clouds gather.every week

5:15 AM

Blogger debbie said...

that's a little creepy, sodajerk. is someone trying to tell you something??

8:18 AM

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