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Wednesday, July 06, 2005


i've been slacking on the blogging, eh? i guess i've been busy getting back to everyday life after the great escape to ireland. not much to report, really. no, scratch that. there is actually quite a lot to report, but i just don't feel like typing it all. what i do feel like typing about is this movie i just watched on cable! it's called the punisher. i know, you're wondering why the hell i was watching something like the punisher. hey, i like goofy movies based on comic books! i hadn't planned on watching this one, but the plotline was too intriguing: FBI agent's entire family is killed by druglord/mobster as payback for killing druglord's son. of course, the agent was supposed to die, too, but miraculously survives multiple gunshot wounds to seek bloody vengeance on all involved with his family's murders. good stuff, huh?? once i saw the first 15 minutes with the family frolicking and having fun right before they met their end, there was no turning back. i was sucked in, and there was no way i wasn't going to see the delicious payback.

i do believe it was my friend sweetney who recently talked about having no reservations about hunting down and killing anyone who harmed her daughter -- i don't remember the exact wording, but it was something to that effect -- and, as a parent, i can certainly second that emotion. i'm not one for the killing and violence in movies, but there was something supremely satisfying in watching the punisher get his revenge on the assholes that killed his family. actually, now that i think about it, it's kind of disturbing how happy i was when the final bad guy (john travolta, of all people!) got what he deserved. motherfucker's dead! yay!

yikes, i don't take death lightly AT ALL, so i hope no one thinks that. this is what happens when i've got nothing to write about! heh. actually, this is what happens when there is nothing but reruns to watch on TV, dammit! *sniff* how many days until new gilmore girls???


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