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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

blogger's remorse

i just finished reading that last post and i'm feeling kinda shitty about portraying jack as some evil demon-child. he's really a good kid -- anyone who knows him will tell you so! i think this recent spate of bad boy behavior is just him testing the boundaries and showing us what fucking slackers we've been about discipline and setting a good example for him to follow. heh. yeah, it's pretty embarrassing to see myself in him when he's pissed about not getting his way -- like looking in a mirror! it's still funny, though. so he's been kinda bad lately, but he can be pretty damn sweet, too. and smart and funny and goofy.... i do love that number one son of mine. now if he'd just shut the hell up once in a while. heh.


Blogger Char said...

I read your profile and thought... dear god.. I have a twin!!
And I still wear black nail polish and although I dont have safety pins in my ears, I do have several earrings ... to match the nose ring, the tongue ring, and the uh.. nipple ring. (Belly button had to come out).
I also have tattoos, OCD, ADD, PMS, (ha) and totally know how to party. I'm also very glad I dont have children or I'd probably blog the EXACT SAME blog as this one. Lol.

Thanks for making me laugh!

1:24 PM

Anonymous supa said...

aw, debbie!we know jack is an utter sweetheart. and everyone has off days. besides, a woman's gotta vent.

and lord, i've called my son a bitch on my web site. i still love him. but he really can be a bitch. sometimes kids just push your last button, as sweet and good and beautiful as they are.

9:36 PM

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