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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

uhhh, WOW...

i just received an email from someone interested in info on local polyamory support groups and such, which they obviously googled or something and came up with this entry. too funny. now i'm torn as to whether or not i should reply to this poly-curious person. i really don't know how i could without sounding totally judgmental and creeped out. heh.


Anonymous Editrix said...

Too funny! You could always reply here, since it looks like they'll find anything you write about polyamory. Heh.

Maybe I'm a bit sadistic (I'm SURE there are groups for that!), but I think it would be very entertaining to watch a dialogue unfold between you and your new correspondent, regardless of how you choose to respond to him/her.

Or . . . maybe there's a market for an Adult R&R (Rock-N-Rut?)! :)

11:44 AM


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