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Sunday, September 11, 2005

couple things

  1. Rock-n-Romp was fucking INSANE. it was PACKED, the bands were AWESOME and we raked in the CASH MONEY for fort reno! yay!
  2. nate is so damn smart, i feel kinda guilty going through this therapy bullshit. okay, it's not bullshit. i am incredibly grateful that the county offers such an amazing and free service but, to be honest, the main reason i signed on for the intervention help is because i was scared shitless that nate was seriously developmentally delayed, and i wasn't going to turn away any help, bullshit or otherwise. but i am happy to say that he is proving me wrong every day. recently accomplished: several steps unassisted, signing for more, all done, up and down. he even does this adorable macaulay-culkin-in-home alone-esque two-handed slap to his face for uh-oh! yes, i'm melting from the sugary sweetness over here. then today he decided to latch onto one of jack's discarded baby dolls and bathe her and take her to bed with him. i could hear his exclamations of "BEH-BEH" from the next room. *SNIFF* is it rotten to admit that i don't think i felt half this pride when jack started talking?


Anonymous Paige said...

I'm so glad to hear Nate is rockin' out with the milestones. Yay!

1:57 AM

Anonymous supa said...

no kidding. that's awesome!

3:28 PM

Anonymous supa said...

no kidding. that's awesome!

3:32 PM


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