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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

bad blog! BAD!

so i'm sucking at the blogging thing lately, but thought a lame-o rundown of what's been going down would suffice for now:

- jack went back to school today. he was pretty wound up after he got home, but i'll take dealing with a couple hours of spazziness over spending ALL DAY with him. school fucking RULES.

- nate started working with the special educator from the county to work on his speech and communication skills. i swear that boy is so smart -- he got the sign for "more" after showing it to him TWICE -- he just doesn't want to talk. or i've enabled him to get by with grunting and pointing. take your pick. he really does have excellent dexterity and coordination, and his concentration is eerily mature.

- summer colds do, indeed, SUCK ASS. everyone has been snotty and cough-y and sneeze-y for about a week now. i've also had the extreme displeasure of having heavy-duty allergy symptoms added to the mix. ah yes, this is what i dislike about fall! well, that and the fact that it never lasts long enough.

- as if i needed another timesuck in my life, i decided to join myspace to entice new bands to Rock-n-Romp. won't you be my friend??

- because the school administration is STUPID, jack doesn't have school tomorrow. i do believe we'll be downtown in front of the white house protesting with the folks. thanks for the heads-up, sweetney. i've had to stop reading and watching all the coverage on katrina -- it's really too painful at this point -- but any chance to show those assholes how horribly they fucked up is something i've got to get in on.

- Rock-n-Romp is in two fucking days and i am SO not ready. but this is how i do things: rushed and at the last minute! it always comes together fine. if you're in the neighborhood, it's gonna be a killer show.

you know what? i know there's more to tell, but i'm just not in the mood. i'm gonna go eat some cookies and do some embroidery and get ready for ROCKSTAR: INXS. whee!


Anonymous supa said...

I miss you when you don't blog, Debbie.

Hey, kickass for Nate, blazing through his signs and everything. I knew that kid was bright as hell.

And mucho good luck and fun times at r'n'r this weekend. we have a teacher-type thing to go to or we'd be there.

2:46 PM


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