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Thursday, September 08, 2005

uhh, polyamory, anyone?

i have decided to bust out all the crafty shit i've been putting off and get serious about it. i've got sewing shit, knitting shit, embroidery shit -- all stuff i've been meaning to turn into some kind of money-making operation for quite some time now. gee. could this have anything to do with the fact that dave has to chastise me twice a month for overspending? of course not. heh. my two greatest obstacles are 1)finding the time and 2)the ADD. well, now that jack is back in school i have at least an hour or two to myself while nate naps, so that's time enough to get something going. the ADD, on the other hand, is a bigger problem. i'm the type of person who has difficulty starting any project because i know that if i get interrupted, it's all for naught. i basically need to sit in a totally quiet, distraction-free zone to get anything that requires concentration accomplished. actually, that's not true -- i can have music, and even the TV on. what i can't have is children whining, crying or running their mouths NON-STOP. so you can see how most of these projects don't come to fruition, yes? but i'm determined to do this, and have actually completed a couple of things, so hopefully i'm on the right track.

along with time and a distraction-free zone, i've decided i could also use some companionship and tutelage. i'm a novice knitter, and have been meaning to take lessons for some time now, but, well, look who's talking here. heh. a friend of mine told me about a knitting group she had gone to a while back that was a great place for beginners and experts alike. she found it through excellent! i've found quite a few crafty groups with potential, and a lot of groups i never expected to see. heh. some of my favorites:

  • several raw food groups - this is a little disturbing to me.
  • several atheist groups - fine by me. don't think i'll be joining, though.
  • NoVa Transgender Group - "it is not a pickup spot." heh.
  • DC Ringers: The Fellowship of the Beltway - bahaha!
  • Washington DC Witches - "we all have magick in common." 'nuff said!
  • Baltimore Paranormal Group - "for those who have a serious interest in the paranormal (specifically ghosts) and supernatural."
  • Washington Polyamory Group - "Polyamory is the practice of responsible nonmonogamy--being in a romantic relationship with more than one person in an open, honest way. Explore this lifestyle!" um, EW.

makes me want to start a group of my own! DC-area neurotic, indie-rock loving mothers with ADD and/or OCD group, anyone?? this is definitely NOT a pickup spot. heh.


Anonymous supa said...

whoa, dude. i just started knitting again TODAY, and it's actually coming out OK. And, on the drive home just last Monday I was brainstorming things I could make and sell, seeing as the financial sitch in this house is a bit ... well, it needs help. Didn't come up with anything, unfortunately.

and. maybe you could teach me embroidery sometime? I know how to sew and knit and quilt, but i never did learn my needlepoint.

"Explore this lifestyle!" Hoo boy.

11:24 PM

Blogger Alex said...

One of my favorite people in the world is a veteran knitter and seamstress, and I can hook you up, just shoot me an email if interested!

6:35 AM

Anonymous Editrix said...

My favorite ways to slake the ADD beast when I want to knit is to watch a movie or some corny TV like "The OC." NPR can be good too, but when the BBC starts in on cricket scores, I'm a goner.

I wish I had bigger huevos and could just crash a knitting group, because that would probably be the best way for me to stay motivated (as well as answer questions when I get stuck/frustrated). I think the farmfolk of days gone by had it right when they turned mindless tasks like needlework and such into social events and bees.

9:01 PM


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