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Thursday, October 20, 2005

my jaw is still on the floor after seeing this blog. unbelievable.


Blogger eebmore said...

hahahaha! I followed the link and at first didn't see what you were talking about. A cheesy tween sister act, so what? then I saw the "support white heritage" banner and thought to myself, huh? then saw the adorable hitler t-shirts and spit my coffee across the room.

1:27 PM

Blogger debbie said...

yes! the world needs more smiley face hitler shirts! heh. the worst part is that the more i delve into their blog and website, shocking as it may be, it's like i can't stop -- it's addictive reading about these idiots! they've got a little sister named dresden for chrissakes!

3:51 PM

Blogger Alex said...

They've got competition in the form of a British band by the same name!

1:41 PM

Blogger Mama C-ta said...

Hah, I almost missed what you were shocked about too. Now MY jaw is on the floor!

8:59 PM


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