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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

what to do, what to do

with the easiest 100 bucks i've ever made in my life?? no, sex acts were not involved. yesterday i participated in a mom's focus group in downtown silver spring on a possible TV or video series being developed based on children's health and nutrition. basically we sat around, snacked, talked about our kids and their likes/dislikes and critiqued the potential storyline. easiest.100.bucks.EVER. shit, why did i not know about this whole focus group thing? moms! even if our kids don't listen to us, our opinions are worth money! heh. pretty awesome. best of all, i now have my own seed money to get my craft on! sure, i could use "our" money, but it's not the same as having money that's my own, you know? yes, this is a good way to kick things off.

be on the lookout for a ton o' superhot bibs, onesies, t-shirts and hoodies all lovingly decorated by yours truly. now if i could just get nate to nap more so i had more time to get stitchin'!


Blogger ALVenable said...

Focus groups rock. I did one last year where I critiqued Geico's about-to-go-live new website. It was very easy, took all of 30 minutes and I walked out of there with a crisp $50-bill.

3:17 PM

Anonymous supa said...


4:49 PM

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