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Monday, November 21, 2005


i've never done one of these, but what the hell. via supafine:

5 favorite cities

1. san francisco (awesome, awesome city)
2. heidelberg (deutschland! the food! the history! and everyone speaks english)
3. toronto (LOVE this IS a city! i'm geographically challenged)
4. dublin (gritty, but sophisticated. guinness!)
5. paris (beautiful. dirty, but beautiful)

5 cities i would live in

1. san francisco (if it only weren't so damn expensive)
2. heidelberg (food! beer! castles! english!)
3. toronto (culture and amazing shopping and good schools)
4. chicago (i've only been there briefly, but i dig it)
5. portland (i'm cheating 'cause i've never been there. i'd totally live there, though)

5 least favorite cities

1. los angeles (weird sprawling wasteland)
2. orlando (if you've ever been to disney world you know what i'm saying)
3. philadelphia (something about it creeps me out)
4. new york (actually a love/hate thing. i love a lot about NYC, but it exhausts me)
5. woodbridge ( the suburban hellhole my parents live in!)

5 cities i want to see before i die (my addition to the meme)

1. tokyo (hello kitty! sushi! clothes! hello kitty!)
2. kauai (i've been told the most awesome of the islands)
3. istanbul (i have it on good authority that is a fabulous place)
4. new orleans (i've always wanted to go)
5. seoul (back to my ancestral homeland)

got a blog? go do this there! or post your answers in the comments. i wanna hear about cities i know nothing about.


Anonymous jess said...

As a canadian i have to say "is toronto a city" made me want to cry. It's only the biggest city in canada, and as you said - it's awesome.

1:20 AM

Blogger debbie said...

sorry jess! i SUCK at geography and such, and wasn't sure if it was considered a province or something. i sound like an idiot. shutting up now.


8:04 AM

Blogger Alex said...

What about London?!

10:07 AM


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