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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

happy happy joy joy

so i recently had a lovely visit with my gynecologist. oh pap smear, why must you only come but once a year? heh. things seem to be in good working order, but i did find out that i am now at the age where i should have a mammogram. A MAMMOGRAM. if there's anything that makes a woman feel like she ain't no spring chicken anymore, it's the words YOU NEED A MAMMOGRAM. ugh. i was like, okay, whatever, but she made sure to tell me that the reason to do it now is to have baseline results to compare the results of the yearly mammograms i will have once i hit 40 against. ah, i see. whatever. it's funny because i'm not really freaked out about having it done -- isn't it supposed to be, uh, rather uncomfortable? i'm sure i read that in self or saw it on the learning channel or discovery channel or something. what? that's where i get all my important medical information! heh. perhaps my blase attitude was because i was also processing the fact that she had just given me a prescription for zoloft -- my first anti-depressant! let's just say that i have been having some serious issues with the pmdd lately, and asked for her advice. i hate how out-of-control i feel, though i'd wager that dave, jack and nate hate it more, as they bear the brunt of my raging mood swings. the doctor said that the anti-depressant meds are worth trying, though there's no guarantee they'll work. i'm down with that, though i'm a little freaked out! i am the person that experiences all the side-effects associated with Rx drugs, which is why i shy away from them. it's like, hey, i feel pretty dang good, it's just this diarrhea sure puts a damper on things! SIGH. damned if i do and damned if i don't.

any experienced zoloft users out there? give me some feedback!


Anonymous jess said...

I've tried zoloft and a number of others and found "the out of body" side effect too debilitating and ended up feeling even more depressed. I have recently begun to consider trying again as i've been feeling pretty shitty. I also need to do my pap but am too embarassed to go because of the state of my shaving mess. ha!

3:35 PM

Anonymous paige said...

I am generally pretty anti-medication just in general. Just the other day Dash's preschool teacher suggested I talk to his doctor about his "hyperactivity". I was like, "Uh, he's THREE." No thanks.

Anyway, I had Zoloft for my PPD and I felt like it was more for everyone else than for myself. I wish I had found another way to get over my (pretty mild but still) depression at that time. Looking back, it wasn't really that desperate of a time, I was just emotionally overwhelmed more than anything else, and time would have fixed that anyway.

Ok I'm rambling.


10:09 AM

Blogger debbie said...

jess: it took 2 razors (i had my legs to do, too) and about 30 minutes in the shower before i was ready to go in. heh. who said us stay-at-home moms let ourselves go??

paige: i hear you on the anti-medication thing, though meds are obviously the best thing for certain conditions. yeah, this pmdd thing is very real and has started to affect my life and the lives of those around me. it sucks. i only feel "normal" and in control half the time. the other half everything gets on my fucking nerves and i blow things out of proportion and i really just want to be left alone. like, ALONE alone. like, GET AWAY FROM ME OR ELSE alone. SIGH. we shall see if zoloft is the thing for me...

10:28 AM

Blogger gingajoy said...

a mammogram?! man I am pushing 35. does this mean i get to have my tits squished soon too?

good luck with the zoloft. "that which doesn't kill us, might make us shit our pants" and all that.

11:30 AM

Blogger Cinthia said...

I've never taken zoloft, but I'm on prozac and I can say it's done wonders for my depression. I also think that antidepressants are good for stabilizing your emotions.

Good luck with that!

4:48 PM

Anonymous amanda said...

I have had two mammograms (and I'm only thirty). The first was very unpleasant and painful, but the second one (last year) was so much better. I think it really comes down to two things: 1) how tender that area is--some women experience tenderness at certain points during their menstrual cycles, so if that's you, definitely don't schedule your mammogram around that time, and 2) how experienced the technician is--the technician who performed my mammogram last year was such a pro, I felt nothing more than the slight embarrassment you understandably feel in that situation. My second (better) mammogram was performed at the Pat Sajak Pavilion's Breast Center in Annapolis. I can't recommend that place enough. Good luck!

11:20 PM


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