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Thursday, February 09, 2006

god, i hate photos of me

but i have been inspired to share by supaMB, who also just got a rad haircut. i hooked up with a kickass hairstylist last night to fix a HORRIBLY FUCKED UP cut i received the other day. oh my god, it was painful -- i can't really talk about it. heh. no seriously, it was beyond awful. don't these people-who-are-allowed-to-touch -strangers'-hair need to go to school and shit?? anyway, i couldn't be happier with this 'do. we were going for a domino-meets-soccer-mom look -- a little messy, a little sexy, a little yes, i drive a station wagon but i could totally be a supermodel-turned- assassin, that's how fucking good my hair looks! heh. looks good, yeah?

oh, and WHY IN THE HELL did i think that i looked good with long(ish) hair?? I DON'T. not to mention the fact that i also have no idea how to style longer hair! this is a little wax+blowdry if i've got time=AWESOME. i will now and forever embrace the short(ish) hairstyles. you are my witness.


Anonymous paige said...

oh wow, that's hot, deb!

7:59 PM

Blogger supa said...

seriously, man, you are working it. And the phrase "Supermodel-turned-assassin" made me laugh :)

I am now tempted to go EVEN SHORTER. I love the wax'n'go, you know?

8:48 PM

Blogger ALVenable said...

You look great! You'll always be my favorite model from my photography class/band photo days. :)

9:04 AM

Blogger shannon said...

v v cute. Suits ya.

7:39 PM


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