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Thursday, February 02, 2006

whorish consumer, take 2

so i have an unnatural love for target and, yes, i do say tar-zhay sometimes, like a dork. i remember when i first discovered target about 10 years ago. one had opened up close to where i was working, and i went and couldn't believe how awesome it was. everything was clean! and bright! and modern! and CHEAP! i told a co-worker: "it's like wal-mart, but with clothes i'd actually consider wearing!" and it's true! the clothing there is actually decent. no weird polyester muumuus, like you'd see at wal-mart -- clothes that are modern and made out of natural fibers and, i dunno, normal? yeah, i guess that's a good word. but now target has started dipping into the high fashion pool, offering collections from liz lange (when i was pregnant with jack i coveted her online catalog, but it was insanely expensive. i got lucky with nate, thanks to the cheap line she does for target!), isaac mizrahi, fiorucci (which i love, but have determined that i can't really get away with wearing anything other than their t-shirts at my age.) and now! NOW, they have done it. they have debuted a line by fashionista luella bartley, which appears to just be one in a string of collections offered for a limited time only, and it's pretty damn cute. today i bought this skirt, which i think is going to be a favorite come spring, and i'm freakin' giddy at having found it! 25 bucks! i love green, and it looks good on me. like, really good. and i'm no skinny, leggy model, either! oh and it comes in khaki, which is probably in my closet next. what can i say? i'm a closet preppy. heh. anyway, this makes me happy. now that i'm a stay-at-home-mom on a budget, it's nice to know that i can buy cute, hip clothes without breaking the bank. oh, and pick up diapers at the same time!


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