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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

now playing

the cure - boys don't cry

nate's current favorite song. he prefers to listen to it repeatedly, like 4 or 5 times in a row, and i am happy to oblige, but now it is playing in a repeated loop in my head. it's not so bad. the thing that sucks is trying to explain to jack why it is okay for boys to cry. i'm slowly finding out that i am not cut out for this i am curious about everything and will ask the most puzzling questions because i MUST KNOW why and how everything works, happens, and just plain IS! phase. nothing like a curious 5 year old to make me feel like a total dumbass.


Anonymous jess said...

yowza! he's my kind of kid!

the questions they only get tougher don't they?

11:12 PM

Anonymous Mama C-ta said...

Great taste in music already! It's all those RnR's. Bryan's band did a cover of it although they rarely did covers but it was my favorite. Can't say I'm looking forward to answering those kinds of questions myself!

12:20 PM


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