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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

lloyd dobler vs. jake ryan?

seriously?? PLEASE.

i just heard peter gabriel's "in your eyes" which made me think of lloyd dobler (john cusack's character) from say anything, which then made me remember an article about his appeal in the washington post's style section a while back. the writer recalled a previous article on why women my age love jake ryan (the hot dude from sixteen candles), and countered with how just as many women love lloyd dobler. um, what? are you kidding me? maybe i was an atypical teenager, but even though i was angsty and wore all black and loved punk and new wave music, i still knew that jake ryan was FUCKING HOT. lloyd dobler was a geek! sure, he was kinda cute and had decent taste in music, but he wore ridiculous sweatpants with bandanas around the ankles and a trenchcoat! give me a cute, clean HOT preppy boy over that any day. plus, that girl lloyd wanted was a dingdong! molly ringwald's character was so much more deserving of the happy ending with the HOT preppy boy. yes, i was this shallow back then, too. heh.

so, in closing, jake ryan so obviously kicks lloyd dobler's ass. sorry, sensitive boy. and now i'm wondering whatever happened to the hot dude who played jake ryan...


Blogger ALVenable said...

Ah, I have to disagree with you, Debbie. I love, love, love John Cusack and Lloyd Dobbler is one of my fave characters that he's played. Guess I like cute geeks who'll hold a stereo above their heads. :)

I think on one of those "where are they now?" type of shows, it was mentioned that "Jake Ryan" is now a carpenter.

2:16 PM

Blogger gingajoy said...

ok, so it's not like i chose to see it or anything, but did you see Cusak in Must Love Dogs?

man's let himself go, s'all i'm saying. big time. very. big. time.

(let me say, this only pisses me off because no female lead would be allowed to go all pasty and lard-assed. ok, so it also pisses me off because i want him to be beautiful again. for me.)

1:12 PM

Blogger debbie said...

angel: it is understandable, the attraction to lloyd dobler. but, damn, that jake ryan was HOT. heh.

gingajoy: i did not get to see that movie. it is sad, isn't it, how the movie star men have not aged well? i can't think of a one who has. hmmm.

11:03 AM

Blogger David said...

According to the IMDB bio, Michael Schoeffling, the actor who played Jake, is married with two kids. "He and his family have been living quietly all these years in northeastern Pennsylvania, where the teen dream operates a successful business building fine hand-crafted furniture."

3:56 PM


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