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Monday, March 27, 2006

this really could start going to my head

i received a nice email from emily of pretty crabby, telling me that she has listed 60 bugs on a group site she contributes to called Awesome! is that not awesome? the blog is blowing my mind. i may not have the money to advertise on dooce or other superstar blogs, but i placed an ad with the most excellent (not to mention reasonably priced) fussy, which has already paid for itself a few times over. plus, mrs. kennedy is really fucking NICE. it's pretty cool. anyway, i do believe the fussy ad has proved itself to be a most wise investment, since i'm betting that is where emily found out about 60 bugs. awesome. no, really, i mean it! AWESOME. i am in awe at the power of the blogosphere. please forgive any badmouthing i have done. oh wait, i only do that in email or on the phone. heh. nevermind. I [HEART] YOU, BLOGOSPHERE.


Anonymous Em said...

I actually found you on BUST's list of She-Commerce sites. Funny that you are listed on Fussy since she and I have linked to each other. It is a small Internet world!!

11:15 AM

Blogger debbie said...

well dang, em, i thought i was being all sherlock holmes-y and shit! heh. i'd forgotten about the BUST ad i put up! nice to know that someone has looked at it.

11:53 AM

Anonymous Editrix said...

Congratumalations on your booming business, Debbie -- before you know it, you'll have to hire a passle of elves to help you with all the stitchin'! The site looks great. It almost makes me want to give birth so I could have an excuse to buy some of your clothes! Maybe you start making N is for Nerd shirts for cats before I get any more crazy ideas.

7:24 PM


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