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Wednesday, March 01, 2006


ever since seeing the fantabulous edie sedgwick the other night, i'm having a hard time clearly defining this term. in my post below i told you that i had asked edie/justin to play Rock-n-Romp, such was my admiration for what she/he had just done on-stage. justin was most gracious and, in fact, already knew about RnR (let me pat myself on the back here, because i am constantly meeting hipster, childless, musician-types who know about RnR. i suck at promoting the damn thing, so i think that it must be seen as a pretty cool thing for the word to get around like that.). as he looked at my shitty little RnR business card (shitty because my black ink is fucked and i can't figure out how to fix it!) he chuckled at the tagline Kid-friendly rock shows! and said, "i'm not exactly kid-friendly." i laughed and said that it was just as much about the parents enjoying the show as the kids, and to give me his email and we'd talk about it more later. so the thing about it being as much for the parents is true, but now i'm wondering, would parents not want their kids to see someone like edie sedgwick? so she's a skinny boy dressed in drag singing/screeching about famous people. the music is loud and fast-paced. she gyrates and dances and knocks over chairs. it is truly an awesome show, and i can't wait to see her again, but i suspect that i've got unique tastes. and even though edie sedgwick is kind of outrageous, i'm not sure i agree that she's not "kid-friendly."

i use "kid-friendly" to describe Rock-n-Romp because it's held during the day, there are toys and a playground, the volume is kept low and it's held in a safe environment. the only ground rules for bands who play are 1. keep the volume low 2. keep the cussing to a minimum. um, yeah, i guess that's it. i don't want bands or musicians to have to compromise their artistic integrity, you know? and i have had bands not want to play because their music is meant to be played loud, or their lyrics are too maudlin, which i totally understand. to be honest, though, volume control is much more important to me than whether or not someone says "fuck" in a song or sings about smoking pot or something. i don't think children necessarily need to be shielded from that sort of thing, though, again, i suspect that i am unique in that sense. i think if edie played RnR, there would be questions from the kids, but isn't that a good thing? i dunno. ugh, the more i write about this the more i'm not sure!

help me out, folks! answer this: knowing what you know about edie sedgwick, would you feel comfortable bringing your kid to see her perform?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hells to the yeah I'd bring my kids to see Edie Sedgwick. I agree, the volume and time of day is more important to me in terms of being kid friendly. I'm somewhat concerned about language, but not in the lyrics of a song, only in what people say near my kid. Though she picks up words like a sponge, I don't think she'd be listening to they lyrics closely enough for them to register.

2:56 PM

Anonymous theresa said...

I'd totally bring my kid! For me, if he did ask questions, I'd see it as an opportunity to teach: yeah, s/he's wearing a dress, but people are different, and it doesn't mean that someone is any better or worse than you. heck, i took my kid to my uncle and his partner's commitment ceremony and he didn't have any odd reaction, so maybe i just got a kid who doesn't (yet) ask those kind of questions. as for language, it's the old: these are OUR family's rules. other people have other rules, etc., and it is not up to us to judge other folks by what they say, wear, etc. (well, within reason, i guess. i mean, if we're talking about racist language, etc., that's so NOT ok)

i guess what i'm trying to get at is that i think that i, as a parent, should embrace these kind of situations as an opportunity to broaden my kid's view, teach tolerance/acceptance, etc.

yeah, i'm a touchy-feely type.

4:01 PM

Blogger mighty said...

Hopefully the question from the kids is "Mommy why is America so full of hypocrasy?"

If anything the tots, after wiewing Edie will, question authority, not fall for the celebrity worship-centric media and be inspired to live a DIY life style.....

Edie Sedwick is a character Justin Moyer is playing, to get his message across.

9:41 AM

Anonymous Mama C-ta said...

Um yeah, we would be fine w/Julian seeing him/her. Maybe b/c we'd want to see him/her!

I totally agree w/what you said about caring more about the volume than the F-bomb and someone dressed in drag. I want my kid exposed to different things, not necessarily cussing but don't need to totally sheild them from that either. But I want him to know there are all kinds of people in this world.

We only went to 1 Baltimore RnR last year and I thought one band was way too loud so I was concerned about that but the others were cool. We just stayed back but now that he'd be older and could run around I would worry about the volume even more.

Oh and if Edie played, don't you normally annouce who is playing? Parents can decide then if they want to show up or not.

8:43 AM


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