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Friday, March 17, 2006

shout-outs and such

dudes, i am so frazzled i don't even know what to title this post. suffice it to say that the last few days have been BUSY. 60 bugs is taking off. i am slightly freaked out, but mostly floating-on-air. some things to note:

  • the internet is my friend. if you had asked me 5 years ago if i thought i'd ever have a web-based business i would've laughed so hard that i'd probably start choking. for a dinky little crafty thing like what i've got going on, the web is the only place to have any real success. after 2 days of being open for business it's already obvious, and i haven't even tapped all the amazing internet-ty resources there are for 60 bugs!
  • i have truly amazing friends, who not only helped design and host 60 bugs, but have also pimped and pimped and pimped, and whose kind blog posts have spawned even more pimpage, which is so kind it makes me weepy. then there are the lovely bloggy friends who have taken photos and ordered shirts and used their amazing talent for illustrating insects to help with the website design (i swear your beautiful bugs will be used once things calm down, chair!), and all out of the kindness of their hearts. oh! and friends who post things on geeky chicago music message boards about 60 bugs, which results in orders! and can't forget the new friends , who i have literally just "met" and are totally awesome and starting up Rock-n-Romp in memphis, who place HUGE orders! and then there are the friends who don't have websites or blogs who have deluged my inbox with praise and orders, and my insides are just all mushy trying to comprehend and absorb all the love. wow. and, of course, you 10 readers with your congrats and supportive words are the bestest. i [heart] you all!
  • as the poster child for pmdd, i really should know better than to start something huge like launching 60 bugs at my most overwhelmed time of the month. stupid dumb, as the beasties would say. but the OCD won this month, and i'm really not complaining, just feeling, you know, FUCKING TOTALLY OVERWHELMED. heh.


Anonymous jess said...

Yay! Way to go debbie! YOu totally deserve this! You're the bestest and awesome!

12:01 PM

Anonymous supa said...

I am SO THRILLED that 60bugs is taking off, as I knew it would! Kickass!

Jess is right -- you deserve all the good stuff that comes your way! Let's get these stressful PMDD days out of the way [ha, because it's just that easy, right?] and let the good times roll, baby.

12:11 PM

Blogger Chair said...

Dude, I know you're busy n all and the bugs you have are pretty spanky, anyway! NO rush!


2:24 PM

Blogger gingajoy said...

awesome! get stitchin'!

10:02 PM


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