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Monday, March 13, 2006

oh, richard harris

why'd you have to go and die before the harry potter movies were done filming?? that new dude playing dumbledore is LAME. not to mention the fact that the kids are getting more annoying and overacting too much as they get older. sadly disappointing.


Blogger Chair said...


Plus that whole trendy 70's-esque shaggy hairdo Harry & Ron are sporting is so lame! So much for a timeless classical styling job.

10:12 PM

Anonymous jess said...

Bite your tongues you two! Just wait till you have your own 81/2 year old (girl chair) who's madly in love with HP. Such grievances will be dealt with by swift 60pound girly kicks.

Although, shhh, i totally agree.

2:32 AM

Blogger Chair said...

Dude, I LOVE me some Harry, it's just disappointing that they keep having different directors who change things and I used to get a little squirmy inside whenever Harry grinned (my god that boy is HOT) but with that new hair and the semi-buffedness, I can't help feeling that HE KNOWS IT.

I LOVE that Gryffendor common room, though. I wish my basement looked like that.

2:50 PM

Blogger debbie said...

heh. so true, chair! and i hate that "supposed to look careless and messy but obviously took a pro hours to perfect" hair, too! that harry is a cutie. i'd love to have a daughter crushing on him! ;)

4:05 PM


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