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Thursday, March 10, 2005

i cheated

let me first start by saying i can't believe i've stuck to the diet for 4 days! but i think i'm being a little too rigid, and possibly not eating enough. and my fucking period is killing me! seriously, it's an incredible struggle to not consume mass quantities of food during this time of the month. so i cheated. i'm crampy and cranky and we're out with the boys and it's dinnertime. go home and make a salad or get a yummy-nummy, convenient and freshly prepared burrito??? hmmm. please! like i even had to think 2 seconds about it! i'm such a sucker for guacamole. it probably would've been okay if i'd foregone the cheese and sour cream and didn't eat the whole HUGE thing, but i say fuck it. and what's with the whole burrito bol thing? is a tortilla really that evil? as i'm sure you can guess, i did the burrito old-school, and ate every bit of the floury tortilla goodness. *sigh* carbs are my weakness.

okay, i gotta get back into the diet mindset! tomorrow's another day. i can do this. food is for the weak. heh.


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