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Thursday, August 11, 2005


[insert sound of homer-like salivating here]

i just found out the other day that cakelove, a DC-based bakery, is opening in my 'hood. i'll admit i had mixed feelings seeing the sign, though i was mostly excited. downtown silver spring has become chock full o'commercialization these days, with the requisite starfucks and chick fil'a and panera and potbelly and chipotle, and while i'm certainly guilty of patronizing those places, i do try to support local, independent businesses. and i do as much as i can! but convenience goes a long way in my current day-to-day life, and it only takes me 5 to 10 minutes to walk downtown where the starfucks and, now, cakelove are located. BUT! i will not sacrifice quality just so i can support the little guy, even if he is within walking distance. what can i say? i am a bitch. and so i am torn about cakelove. i want to be their best customer, i really do! but the memory of a certain cupcake is holding me back...

in yet another six degrees of separation:DC-style episode in my life, i'd heard about the owner and his cakes from friends of mine who had met him before he opened the place, and also had the chance to sample his wares. it was thumbs up across the board for his cakes, and since i love baked goods (probably a little too much), it was cool to know of a local person to get in touch with if i needed a cake for a special occasion. well, shortly thereafter we moved to the 'burbs and, much to my annoyance, the cakelove bakery opened up mere blocks from our old place. bastard! i had always lamented the fact that there was no good bakery in our 'hood! but i was excited for the neighborhood to have such a place and intended to check it out as soon as i could. months later, dave, jack and i happened to be in the old 'hood for something or another and came across cakelove. there were rows of huge cupcakes in the case -- we'd hit the JACKPOT! i have an unnatural love for cupcakes, and still reminisce about the birthday cupcakes i'd had as a kid. sure, they were from a mix, but they were perfect in my eyes -- moist, sweet, the ideal size with just the right amount of creamy frosting. YUM. what's not to love about cupcakes? we snatched up three yummy-looking ones and set out for home. well, i couldn't wait to get home to try them, and gobbled one up in the car with great anticipation. verdict? MEH. the cake was a little dry, which i can usually handle, but the frosting! crappy frosting is something i just can't tolerate! it was really thick and kinda hard and just NOT RIGHT. maybe it was a fluke? i never went back to find out.

yesterday the DCist had a blurb about cakelove and the owner's foray into television -- he's doing a show on the Food Network. the writer goes on to say that many, himself included, are surprised that cakelove is getting such recognition, mainly because the shit just isn't that good. in the comments section it's apparent that he's struck a nerve with a lot of people! heh, i'm glad to know i'm not the only one disappointed with those cupcakes! but i will take the advice to let the frosting soften up a bit before partaking -- makes total sense, though i'm definitely not known for my patience. we'll see if i can actually wait 10 minutes!

i want to like cakelove. i want delicious cupcakes 5 minutes from my house! sigh. that would be heaven. i'll give them at least one more chance.


Anonymous summervillain said...

I still 'member when the cakelove guy was a guest on the 11OCS. as hired help i only got one bite, but MAN! that stuff was good! i believed the hype. i guess it's hard to maintain the quality as you grow, though.

p.s. hi! i really wanted to axe zackly who was in "chop chop" so i could get my full-on expatriate dchipster fix, but i couldn't leave a comment ovah theah (frowny).

8:13 AM

Blogger debbie said...

summervillain! hi! i'm so glad amy found my blog -- so bizarre! glad you guys are doing well. you need to come visit!

as for chop chop: vin novara of perfect souvenir (and crownhate ruin) on drums, jim spellman of velocity girl on vocals and guitar, phil satlof of tuscadero on bass and joel kaufman of spoils of nw on guitar. they're good!

1:09 PM

Anonymous summervillain said...

cool! thanks.

we do need to get down there... but maybe not in high summer though!

9:24 AM

Blogger cheapsunglasses said...

a entire post about cupcake's,,,,cool....

6:53 AM


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