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Thursday, August 11, 2005

buy me some peanuts and cracker jacks....

over the weekend my sister-in-law chris was visiting from san diego, so we decided to catch the Nats vs. the Padres at RFK. our baseball loving friends jonathan and dianne met up with us, and much fun was had by all. the reason i love going to baseball games is because it combines three of my favorite things: people-watching, unhealthy snacks and beer. who cares about the game??this was my first time seeing the Nats and, unfortunately, they've got a killer losing streak going and ultimately lost 3-2. jack certainly didn't mind, and refused to leave until the game was over, such was the fun we were having! heh. he even started rooting for the Padres at one point simply because they were winning. heh. such a fairweather fan! at least he's honest. and he was good. not to mention cute. witness:

jack and jonathan: Nats fans to the bitter end!


Blogger DeeJay said...

Oh yeah!!! Gimme a ballpark dog any day!! Honey and I took in a Cardinals / Red Sox game in June while on vacation. It was to fun. Note: Never buy standing room only, 'cos that's exactly what it means, STANDING room only. lol Lucky for us some people didn't show and we were allowed to bum their seats. Looks like you and your had such a good time. I'm happy for you all.

8:04 AM

Blogger Char said...

People watching, unhealthy food and beer. Girl after my own heart.
and Jack... very cute. Kinda reminds me of Jesse James - aka- Monster Garage extraordinaire -aka- Mr. Sandra Bullock!!

2:50 PM

Blogger Alex said...

Ballpark dogs are definitly the best... we won't go into the reasons why they're so tasty, though!

10:03 AM


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