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Sunday, August 14, 2005

all geeked up

yesterday's romp was AWESOME -- check the Rock-n-Romp blog for details and photos. yes, it was HOTTER THAN HELL, but it didn't matter! the yard was at maximum capacity, and both kids and adults were kept happy by ice cold beer and sno-cones. not to mention the beer sno-cones! heh. i also got the bright idea to set up the sprinkler in the front lawn between sets so the kids could cool off, so that helped a lot. some frisky adults joined in the wet fun, as well. it was honestly so fun, i think everyone forgot how fucking hot it was. i know i did.

so blame it on debbie lee was a smash hit! that's the band that my friend bill (of jawbox and burning airlines fame) helped put together to play this month's romp. i really cringe at being such a namedropper, but as someone who has been around the DC music scene for almost half my life (fuck, i'm OLD), it's pretty damn cool to be involved in a music project with someone like bill. he's toured the world, people! and the drummer mike used to be in shudder to think! i know i sound like a geek, but i remember seeing shudder play when i was a teenager. yes, that long ago. yikes. i loved them. then there's kim and mark, both excellent musicians, who make up the rest of the band -- they call themselves the blames. they play in kim and mark's basement once a week for fun -- all covers and no intention of playing out, even though they certainly could draw an audience. needless to say, i was honored to be playing with such talented people.

it was interesting singing in front of an audience again -- i was actually nervous! heh. since our set was all kid-oriented songs, i was kinda worried that we wouldn't be able to hold the kids' interest. plus, i didn't want the blames to feel like they'd wasted their time! but i acted like enough of a spaz to get the kids into it. heh. oh, and can't forget the sticker bribery! we also had the mini blow-up guitars and microphones -- it was hilarious and adorable. our big finale was a song called up and down, and i actually succeeded in getting all the kids up onstage to jump up and down and play air guitar! it was so awesome. both the kids and the parents loved it. in fact, a ton of people came up to me afterwards to say that we should record a kid's album. heh. they didn't know that we didn't write any of the songs! it was so much fun and so well received though, that i wonder if i couldn't get the blames to do it again. it's fun to pretend to be a rockstar. heh.


Blogger sweetney said...

can't believe i missed this. SUCK.

9:54 AM

Anonymous supa said...

Such a rock star, Debbie.

Wish I had seen it, too -- you're just going to have to perform again. Sorry, that's all there is to it.

3:25 PM

Blogger ALVenable said...

Looks like a lot of fun was had...sorry I missed it. I hope you'll return to the stage again...and soon! :)

1:48 PM


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