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Friday, August 19, 2005

top 10 things to be happy about this week

1. minimal PMDD drama - sure, i've lost my shit a few times over stupid stuff, but this month the anger seems a little more controllable. oh, the crying over songs and commercials and TV shows is a little annoying, but i'll take that over seething rage anyday.

2. a perfectly lovely fort reno closer last night - my pals metropolitan played a great set for the last show of the season, only slightly marred by the goofy teenage kids who ran up to the front of the stage to jump around, do flips and act like idiots. i don't mind goofiness, but it was obvious that they didn't care so much about the music, which made me cranky, uhhh, i mean crankier. heh. but teenage idiocy aside, the weather and music were quite spectacular.

3. vegas, baby! - my friends jenn and tim are getting hitched in las vegas in october, and I AM GOING. whee! dave can't go for various reasons, but I AM GOING. oh, and i just found out that my dear friend lucia can go with me. yes, it's married girls gone wild in vegas time! heh. truthfully, i'd really like for dave to be able to go because the only time we've been in vegas together was for our own nuptials, and that was an exhausting whirlwind of an affair -- we didn't get to see or do much besides get married. we've talked about a 5 year anniversary trip, so i guess we can wait another year. so VEGAS! WOO-HOO! god, this is going to be a trip fraught with jackassery. i can't wait.

4. big, wet, open-mouthed kisses - it's probably a little perverse how much i enjoy natey giving me kisses, but i can't help myself! it's so goddamn cute and sweet and i just want to eat him! he'll even do it if you ask for a "smooch." fucking adorable.

5. panda baby - speaking of delicious babies, OY. i want to to grab this baby and throw him in a baby sling and hug him and squeeze him and tote him around all day! yeah, i'm a little crazy when it comes to the panda babies. heh.

6. RnR encore - blame it on debbie lee will be making an appearance at Rock-n-Romp::Baltimore! be there or be square!

7. pseudo-drive in movies - as it would seem that outdoor movies are all the rage around here (on the national mall and at the strathmore), downtown silver spring has decided to take the plunge starting next week -- friday they're showing ET!

8. jack-at-work-day - dave took pity on me and has jack at work with him today. trust me, jack was totally psyched to go, so it's not like i banished him from the house or anything. the quiet is NICE.

9. free stuff from friends - dave and i have started to get serious about a budget, as this stay-at-home/one salary thing is getting a little more difficult with preschool tuitions (jack's current and nate's future) hanging over our heads. we've decided to cut down to the most basic cable set-up because, let's face it, cable is fucking expensive! then, as if by magic, sweetney gives me a free netflix trial -- i thought that was awfully sweet, if not oddly fortuitous. now we are anxious to embark on our how many movies can we watch in 30 days?? marathon. thanky, sweetney!

10. kind words - i will admit that i'm still a little freaked out by nate's assessment, but it's nice to know that i'm not the only one who thinks or knows that he's going to be fine. thanks.


Blogger sweetney said...

dude, budgets suck. we're pretty much in the same position tho, and some shit's gonna hit the fan soon. gah.

sooo jealous about vegas. i love vegas! its CRAZY. it is insanity made into a 3-D geography.

your happiness makes me happy.

2:42 PM

Anonymous supa said...

budgets blow chunks. A summer with one part-time breadwinner is really kicking our ass.

But! Hurray for happiness! Don't know jack about vegas, but I do know that "moms gone wild" can only be a good thing. As long as there are no cameras.

7:05 PM


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