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Thursday, January 12, 2006

i'm really trying not to be a myspace snob

but i'm having a bit of trouble with that. no, really. i'm really trying! but the stupid band names! the awful band photos! the labelling yourselves as "emo" or "screamo" or "jam band"! i can't take it! seeing those words alone will keep me from clicking on your page! and if i do click on your page and some hideous black background with neon type or some other such nonsense pops up, i'm SO moving on (damn you, ted leo and kelly clarkson! heh.). yikes. i have begun my search for DC and baltimore bands to hook up with through myspace, which i've truly found to be a veritable goldmine of excellent local music, but some of these myspace pages are just too awful! you've got to package yourself the right way to get interest, people! sheesh.

so yeah. anyone got any recommendations for bands for this year's Rock-n-Romp schedule?


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