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Thursday, February 23, 2006

oh day, you are so fucked

natey has a nasty cold. the last few days have been a blur of snot, tissues (i am amazed and incredibly thankful that this kid can blow his nose -- like, effectively blow his nose. it is awesome. now he just needs to teach his older brother.), crying, fitful sleep, food strikes etc etc. if he weren't such an awesome sleeper, i suppose waking up multiple times at night wouldn't bother me so much but, well, you know. i feel like a zombie. and i feel like i could be getting the same cold. whee! so i've got some pillowcases i need to finish, some things to get from the store, a hellhole of a house (remember the spinal tap song "hellhole"? hellhole! don't want to live in a HELLHOLE! so yeah, dave and i sing that a lot around here.) and a kid who woke up at 5 am. 5 MOTHERFUCKING AM. i suppose i should be grateful that he's really not cranky -- he was totally ready to party at 5 FUCKING AM. i, on the other hand, WAS NOT. so anyway, this day is fucked, you see. he's already delirious because he's tired, wants to be with/on me constantly, won't eat, and will probably fight me tooth and nail when i try to get him to take a nap. if he doesn take a nap, it will be totally off-schedule (early) and i know he won't take another one later, no matter how desperately he needs it. BLARGH. i should do stuff while he's napping but, come on. i got up at 5 FUCKING AM. did i mention that i'm on my period? NICE.


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