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Friday, February 24, 2006

this is getting ridiculous

the last few months i keep catching the last 30-45 minutes of the lord of the rings: the return of the king, and usually there's nothing else on, so i watch it. you know the scene where frodo is recovering in bed after destroying the ring and all his friends come in the room to laugh and make merry? every time i see it, i cry my eyes out. I CRY MY FUCKING EYES OUT. what the hell is wrong with me? a few times have definitely been hormonally influenced, but this time i think i'm just being a sappy fuck! i think it's frodo's big blue pensive eyes or sam's hangdog expression or something. is it the way that they are so in tune with what the other is thinking? how sam is willing to give his life to help his beloved friend? oh shit, here come the waterworks again. *sniff*

oh, and am i the only one who thinks aragorn is goddamn sexy? heh. i am such a nerd.


Blogger supa said...

dude. i would totally boff aragorn.

so last night? I cried at a Dove lotion commercial. The one for the nighttime bodywash, where the kid or kids are in and out of their parents bed.

Hormonal and sappy, that about covers it.

9:14 AM

Blogger Chair said...

You can't be seriously asking if Aragorn is 'goddamn sexy' because the TOTALLY OBVIOUS answer is a definitive HELL YES. DAMN HELL YES.


I think women who find Legolas attractive must secretly be lesbians cuz dude, he is so feminine.

2:31 PM

Blogger gingajoy said...

aragorn is MINE, all mine. (and I totally agree about girly-elf boy, chair. which means i have come a long way from my roger taylor of duran-duran lusting days. man, i even had a crush on boy george back then).

actually, i have to say that aragorn is the only man on screen i have serious teenage crush feelings for. i caught the actor in a film on sat. "A walk on the moon" with Diane Lane. and he was seducing her in a rather graphic love scene.

and well... let's say i had to go and take a brisk walk.

oh, and the final half hour. i'm with you, deb. (sniff).

3:08 PM


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